Tonight, I fly to Munich for my tour of Eastern Europe. I promise to write about it when I get back. In the meantime, love from the Clown!



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6 responses to “Europa!

  1. München is beautiful! As is Europe. Enjoy!

    • nitwitnastik

      Have a nice trip CC. Do write about your trip and post your travelogue. Europe still has eluded me but plan to go there someday.

  2. I read a comment on ‘Hate actually’s latest post on my feed reader, and was like–“Wow! Another new intelligent blogger with good English, impressive arguments, and witty manner of expression, whose blog I could go through!”

    And well when I actually landed on the blog, that comment turned out to be yours. 😦

    I guess, I’ve largely exhausted the pool of Indian bloggers who could impress me!

    Anyway, glad to know you’re possibly back! 🙂

    Hope your trip was enjoyable. And also that you remember your making me projectile-puke with your literary experiments. 😉

    Take care.

  3. Also, do go through the following post and my comments on this post:

    Preferably, go through the comments in the comments’ form rather than the post’s said itself so that you could also the links highlighted by a different color.

    I’d like your comments there ‘cuz you obviously are much better versed with law, and would be able to contribute something much valuable.

    All this, of course, when you find time. 🙂


  4. *go through the comments in the comments’ page rather than on the page with post itself.

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