Hello children!

Greetings, folks. If you are reading this blog, I take it you have nothing better to do than listen to the random ramblings of a lazy, fat and rather uncreative 20 year old Mumbaikar (and God knows there’s a hell lot of us).

I hate “about me” columns beacuse I am a rather uninteresting person. I am a staunch atheist. I study the law, the newspaper, secularism and the history of pizza. I haven’t trekked in the Himalayas, produced works of art, campaigned for world peace, killed a man, slashed my way through the forbidding jungles of the Congo Basin, assaulted women in pubs, or done any other of the things that you have to do these days if you want people to think your opinion is actually worth a rat’s arse (irrespective of whether it actually is). Chances are, you haven’t done any of these things either, so welcome.

I will not blog about any specific topic. I will write about whatever seizes my fancy. I hope you enjoy your time here, and if you don’t please remember that most intellectuals were scorned in their own time. When they start naming streets after me, you’ll be sorry.



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7 responses to “Hello children!

  1. not that this epilogue was inspiring or anything but yeah, i would want to check this movie despite my limited knowledge in marathi….
    suffice it to say that last time that i spoke and wrote in marathi was in 10th standard purely for academic purposes….

    • The Couch Clown

      The language is pretty simple: I think they wanted non-Maharathis to try and watch it. In any case, the movie is not aimed at just Marathi folk, or at least the take-home message isn’t.

  2. LOl I am so glad you have not killed a man or assaulted women in pubs 🙂
    Seeing so much hatred all around, I am thinkng I am also going to become an atheist soon…
    … loved your header too… it’s original and very interesting.
    Nice name… Couch Clown 🙂

    Look forward to reading more from you!

  3. The Couch Clown

    I didn’t make the header: its a homage to the dry and brilliantly sarcastic comic strip “Pearls before Swine,” by Stephan Pastis. Trust me, it’s the only thing worth reading in the Mumbai Mirror. You might want to check it out.

    Of course, I will be blogging regularly (I launched this blog yesterday and I’m bloody addicted already).

    The Couch Clown

  4. LOL. I think I did see clown’s street somewhere. Venice? TC. All the best with the blog!

  5. Presumptuous and arrogant, are we not?

    (Bindu giggles :D)


    I try, I try…

  6. gorigadhaa

    The History of Pizza?!? What a coincidence! I study the history of belly button lint! *tee hee* Will you be my colleague? Muah.

    Maybe we can apply for a research grant?

    The Couch Clown

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